Emergency Roof Repair in Philadelphia

Work with Trusted Local Roofers for Your Emergency Repair

Waking up to a damaged roof is alarming. After all, your roof keeps you and your family safe and should be treated with care and a sense of urgency. We offer emergency roof repair services to fix the damage and other sources of leaking roofs. In the colder months, you can't afford to let a damaged roof compromise your safety, so we will work quickly to fix your roof and secure your home. 

Philly's Phinest Roofing has been repairing and installing roofs in the Philadelphia area for over 40 years. We have the experience to secure your home and get the job done right. Thousands of homeowners in Philadelphia, Bucks County, Montgomery County, and South Jersey have trusted us to fix and install roofs of all types, including rubber, tile, shingle, metal, flat, rubber, and more.

Emergency Roofing Services You Can Rely On

We pride ourselves on being fast, professional, and affordable to our customers. If you would like to schedule service with Philly's Phinest Roofing, please give us a call or fill out the form to the right to explain the situation with your roof. We provide free estimates on all jobs, so we'll send somebody out same-day to check on your roof and determine the best course of action.

In addition to fixing leaking roofs, we also offer installation and maintenance services to our customers in the Philadelphia Area.

  • Capping

    By applying aluminum or vinyl sheeting cut to fit over the exterior trim of a building, you can provide weather-proof layer control and avoid future aesthetic maintenance.

  • Windows

    Capping is highly effective on the trim of windows to help protect against water damage.

  • Doors

    Door trims can be capped to avoid paint aging, peeling, and damage from weather-related problems.

  • Skylights

    It is especially important to use metal capping on your skylights, as the angle of the window makes it highly susceptible to weather damage.



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      We are a certified roofing company and we guarantee all of our work to ensure that you're 100% satisfied with your roof. Check out some testimonials from our happy clients below.

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      Mikel Elam
      Mikel Elam
      I wanted to get my skylight leaks fixed and I called Philly’s Phinest Roofing . They told me my skylight was fine and if I get my roof repaired it would solve the problems . I also got them to repair the boards on the side of my house as I suspected birds were building a home inside.Certainly last spring and summer they were there .( They moved on during the winter months . So perfect timing to fix my roof and side boards before they returned. All is well now . Also I got a 25 year warranty which is an exceptional deal.
      Nancy Citino
      Nancy Citino
      They came out on Saturday, checked my roof, showed me a live video of my roofs condition. I had them back by Monday to replace my roof and skylight. Very professional, they do quality work!!
      Katia McGuirk
      Katia McGuirk
      The Owner and crew were reliable, respectful careful and conscientious. Within 24 hours of receiving my request,they came out, gave me an estimate on the spot and scheduled the work and completed it within 2 days!
      Laurel Natale
      Laurel Natale
      We have a large roof deck that needed a lot of repair. It was cracking, leaking, had some wood rot. Eddie came out, and he went through everything with me. He explained everything and answered all my questions. He had his crew out within the same week and they started the repairs. He came and checked the work with me and explained the work that had been done. For all that we had needed, his price was extremely reasonable AND it comes with a warranty. I am extremely happy with the work and I recommend him, 100%, hands down.

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      We are a certified roofing company, and we guarantee all of our work to ensure that you're 100% satisfied with your roof. 


      Philly’s Phinest Roofing has over 40 years of experience in the roofing business.

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