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When choosing a roof for your home, there’s a wide variety of options on the market. While some prefer rubber or metal roofing, classic asphalt shingles tend to be one of the most popular options for homeowners across the country. With that being said, it’s essential to do your research on shingles if you want the right results for your home.

Follow along for some tips on choosing the right roof shingles for your home!


Roof shingles come in numerous styles. Whether you live in a modern-style building, a ranch-style building, or even a Victorian-style one, there’s an option to suit every home. When it comes to style, you should consider putting some thought into ensuring that your roof shingles fit in with the rest of your neighborhood.

Be warned that you shouldn’t choose roof shingles based on photos. Instead, it would be best if you saw their color and appearance in real life before making a commitment. If possible, you might also want to see them under different lighting in order to get the best idea of what the finished result will look like.


Budget is always an important consideration. However, you need to consider more than just the immediate costs to make a financially-sensible choice for yourself. The durability of roof shingles directly affects how soon you can expect to pay repair and replacement costs, meaning that an offer that seems very attractive in the short run might not be the best when thinking long term.

Unfortunately, gauging the durability of roof shingles can be a complicated matter. Each geographical location has different climates, which means different impacts on materials. As such, you should consider choosing something well-suited for the kind of conditions that your roof is expected to encounter. With that being said, the climate you live in could also affect what kind of warranty you should consider


Roof shingles are made from everything from asphalt to metal and plastic. There are even solar roofing shingles, which can be very useful for people looking to reduce their carbon footprint. The material you choose can have serious consequences for the roof. For instance, asphalt is cheap and lightweight, yet is less durable. In contrast, metal is tough and long-lasting, but also pricier and noisier than most of its counterparts.

Be warned that your house has a limit to how much weight it can support on its roof. As a result, some materials might be off-limits altogether. 

Further Considerations

If you are unsure what type of shingles to get for your home, you should consider asking roofing professionals for their opinion. Philly’s Phinest offers a wide variety of styles and is dedicated to providing affordable installation and maintenance!

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