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There are many reasons for homeowners to consider a roof replacement. You might have had a particularly snowy winter and your roof hasn’t quite weathered the storm. The roof could simply be from the dark ages and needs to be replaced from wear and tear. Maybe you have water dripping from your ceiling and have no idea why… 

Whatever the reason is for considering a roof replacement, there is always a hesitation. Nobody wants to have to sleep on a hotel mattress without their creature comforts while they wait for their new roof. Well, the long and the short of it is- you won’t have to! It isn’t the most convenient, but you can still live at home while your roof is being replaced. 

The Facts 

When deciding who to chose to replace your roof it is important to keep in mind that the quality of your roof repair does not just depend upon the finished product. A roof cannot be replaced in a day. So as a homeowner you have to make sure to select a roofing company that will make quality as well as care a priority. 

At Phili’s Phinest Roofing we want to assure our customers we value them as clients and as people. This is why we make it a top priority to ensure our customers are not inconvenienced during the time of the roof replacement. 


While you can live and go about your life in your home while your roof is being replaced, there are some adjustments you will have to make. They aren’t big, but, everyone should know what to expect when their roof is being replaced. 

1. Expect Noise 

There isn’t a way around it that we have found so far, unfortunately. It can be very loud-it just depends on your noise tolerance. Everyone truly is different. Think of it as loud white noise. Hear for yourself: 2. Timeline 

You can expect your roof replacement to last, at the VERY least, a day. The duration of the job depends on the size and complexity of the roof. For an average size house in the U.S. (about 1,700 square feet), it will take 2-3 days on average for a roof replacement. 

3. Prep 

If you are going to need to use your car throughout the day, we suggest you move it before we begin to work on the roof. We don’t want to park our clients in if they need to run an errand. We suggest all of our clients move their vehicles from

their driveways as a precautionary measure to protect them from being damaged by any fallen debris. 

4. Safety Inside 

A roof replacement, although quite simple, is still a construction job. There will be vibrations that come along with having people working on your roof all day. To ensure the safety of any wall hangings or pieces of art, Philly’s Phinest Roofing suggests that you secure everything and anything hanging on your walls. If anything you have on the walls, on a mantle, or a shelf, that is irreplaceable (or would make you very sad to see it break), we would suggest you temporarily put them in a box on the floor to avoid damage. 

5. Furry Friends 

When considering where you want to be during your roof replacement, we at Philly’s Phinest Roofing ask that you consider your pet’s reaction. If your pet isn’t fazed by ambulance sirens, we feel you’re in the clear. It is important to note that in our experience, cats seem to have more of an issue with the noise and vibration than dogs. Of course, you know your critters best! 

6. Leave It To Us 

When you hire a roofing company it is important to trust who you chose. Trust is huge! We want you to trust that we will do our best work, and we want to trust that you won’t put yourself in harm’s way. The last thing we want to do is hit a customer with debris. So for your safety, it is crucial to stay out of the way as much as possible. Now, this doesn’t mean you have to tiptoe around your house, or not ask questions. it just means to be aware of your surroundings when leaving your house and to trust that we know what we are doing and are also concerned for your safety. 

We at Philly’s Phinest roofing want you to understand everything before you decide to stay home or not. We want you to know what to expect and to be prepared. So, if you and your pets can handle the loud noise and can make sure to be safe when leaving their house, you are in the clear to stay in your house while we spiff up your roof. Ultimately, the answer is different for everyone and is up to you! Contact Philly’s Phinest Roofing with any other questions you have regarding staying at home while your roof is being replaced, or any other questions or concerns you might have!