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How to Find the Right Roofer

Getting a roof installed or repaired is no small task. It requires a lot of time and research to ensure the job is done correctly, making it imperative to hire the right roofing company. Here are some tips to help you find the right roofer.

Local Referrals

Leveraging your neighbors, family, and trusting others in your community can sometimes be the best way to get the right person for the job. 

Ask your neighbors if they’ve had their roof done recently and if they were happy with the final product’s overall quality. If they have a prospective roofer in mind, ask them if they would use them again or recommend them to a friend.

Online Forums

Online forums, like Reddit, are a great way to connect with people with similar interests and find service providers. 

When using these forums, you want to make sure they are a third party website. You do not want a website that is controlled by a roofing company that will only boost itself and gives false information. 

These websites and forums can be an excellent tool to use when looking for a roofer, as you can learn other people’s experiences with roofers in your area.

Check Their Insurance

Roofing is not the safest job in the world, and there can often be injuries while on the job, so having insurance is crucial. You do not want to be in the situation of your roofer not having insurance before he starts and getting injured on the job.

Most roofers have this information on them at all times if their customers want to see it, so do not be afraid to ask. You can also call the insurance company and make sure that the credentials are current and up to date.

Receive the Details of the Project in Writing

This should be a rule of thumb whenever working with a contractor or making home improvements, especially when working with roofers. Having this can save you a lot of time and stress if there were some confusion or disconnect between you and your roofer.

You want this to be as clear and easy to read as possible. On this, you want every step of the process written down, from the start to the cleanup. Having a verbal agreement is not smart and can often leave you with disparities between the roofer and the client.

Avoid Door to Door Salesmen

We have all been there, getting a knock on the door, and it is a door to door salesman trying to sell you on a home contracting project with a rehearsed pitch. 

When you are talking to these door-to-door salesmen, they most likely do not have any roofing experience, but rather working on commission. So, how can you trust someone with your roof, which has never even roofed before?

Check Previous Work

Ask the contractors about their previous work and see some pictures of recent roofs they’ve done. This can give you a good understanding of what you can expect from your roof. This is not the only information you should take, but it is a good starting point. All roofers have pictures of previous jobs, so it will not be a hassle for them if you ask.

Look up online pictures of the work your potential roofers have done. A quick Google search can provide a lot of images for you to analyze. 

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