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Why Maintaining Your Roof Is Important

Homeowners hardly give thought to the roof over their head until there is obvious physical damage. However, there are priceless benefits that come with maintaining the condition of your roof. Waiting for issues to arise and pile up is grounds for a costly emergency service bill, as well as potential damage seeping into your home. 

Why should you put more thought toward roof maintenance, even with low maintenance roofing that seems to be holding up smoothly? Read on to explore to find out.


Weather extremes generally attack from a vertical trajectory, not a horizontal one; unless you’re in an area prone to flooding, hurricanes, tornadoes, or turbulent winds. Your home’s roofing wis the first and foremost line of defense against rain, sleet, snow, hail, and the elements, so it’s important to ensure that your roof remains in good condition. By continually servicing your roofing and increasing it’s defenses toward these elements, you automatically increase the lifespan of your roof. 

Some roofing materials are more durable and lower maintenance than others, with lifespans as long as 30 to 75 years. Even so, it’s important to inspect your roof every so often to get the most of your roofing’s potential. The general rule of thumb for inspection is once every 3-5 years or after an extreme weather event. For a more in depth overview of how to know when your roof needs inspecting, refer to our previous blog on the subject.

Beyond aesthetic benefits, maintaining your roof’s lifespan also helps with protecting the lifespan of your warranty. Unless you follow the fine print in terms of inspections to a T, risk voiding the validity of your warranty.


Paying for a roof inspection when you feel nothing is wrong may seem like a counterintuitive measure but, it isn’t. Roofing companies typically aren’t charging a lot for basic inspection and repair/replacement jobs. They do however, get you with the pricey emergency service calls. With additional charges factored in accounting for call times, driving, inspection, and setting materials up, these emergency service jobs often run in the thousands.

Sure, it can feel painful in the moment to throw money away at seemingly useless maintenance jobs, but these short term investments will save you money and headaches in the long term. For more information about our own inspection services, please visit our Contact Page or call 267-343-8469 for further consultation.


Taking precautionary maintenance actions are an important preventative measure for maintaining not only your roof, but the health and happiness of those who live underneath it. By staying one step ahead, you may also intercept minor problems such as leaks or structural vulnerabilities before they become major.

Maintenance sucks! We get it. But, it beats having even greater stressors on your hands like leaks, mold, or structural damage within your home’s foundation. By routinely maintaining your roofing, you can rest easy and live your life without the burden of roofing worries, and you can also rest easy knowing that you’re minimizing your environmental impact as a consumer.

Hidden Damages 

Generally, massive leaks permeating through your ceiling are easy to spot. However, poorly maintained roofing can present more subtle harms; even the slightest water leakage dropping into your attic can promote structural wood rot, as well as the growth of mold, mildew, and other unhealthy contaminants.

These issues can wreak massive, costly damage before they even really make themselves known through massive mold growths or blemishes on the ceiling, which is why it’s all the more important to be proactive and stay on the ball when maintaining your roofing.

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