When should you replace your roof?

It’s pretty easy for life to catch up to you as a homeowner, but as with all things, houses are not made to last and are always prone to renovations. Being all caught up with roof repairs is a safe way to prevent a further catastrophe to your house and keep your sanity in check. Listed below are some of the best ways you can manage your roof and make sure that it’s up to standards.

Age matters the most

No matter what, your roof should be updated about once every 20 years, just to be safe. Most roofing experts agree that a typical life span lasts for around 15-20 years before it starts to fall apart. Winters and summer humidity will eventually wear out roofs over time, so it’s a safe bet to repair every 15-20 years to prevent any external damage while saving out on costs caused by a lack of repair.

Mold or rot

Measuring mold levels is one of the most obvious ways to detect whether a roof needs a repair or not. If you’re unsure whether your roof is beginning to rot, you should contact a roof specialist immediately to determine what your course of action should be. Generally, this does not call for concern since it is a relatively easy fix but this still should be a precaution since it can affect the exterior of your house over time.  

Cracked shingles

Cracked shingles are easier to spot but still should be observed by a specialist if they are severe. If cracking occurs on your roof then you should hire a specialist to repair it immediately to prevent further damage to the exterior and interior of your house.   

Damaged shingles 

Damaged shingles are trickier and might signify that more damage has been caused to your roof and interior of your house such as leakage, so as a cautionary measure you should always be conscientious of your roof’s appearance. Obviously, with a leakage, it would be hard to determine that external damage has occurred, but catching missing or damaged shingles early on will tell you this before any damage occurs. Being vigilant about your roof’s appearance can save you a lot of time and money by avoiding any further damage that leakage or other environmental factors might cause. 


A leaky roof is no joke and should be fixed immediately if one occurs. Leakage can lead to serious damage caused to the interior of your house. Fixing this issue early on will prevent further damage which will save yourself plenty of time and effort. 

Sagging roof

A sagging roof may call for more concern if one is occurring. This problem generally indicates a structural issue or just a poorly installed roof. If this is the case, then you need to call in an expert as soon as you can to observe the roof and determine what the next course of action should be. 

If you are experiencing any of these issues, feel free to contact us, and well send a specialist down immediately to review the situation